Other uses for Durian

Durian Tree WoodDurians Medicinally

Medicinally, in Southeast Asia, parasitic worms are said to be expelled by eating durian; fevers are said to be reduced by drinking a tea of the leaves and roots, or applying durian leaf juice to the head; swellings and skin diseases are said to be aided in healing by applying a tea of the leaves and fruits.


Durian Tree WoodDurian Wood

Durian tree wood is soft, coarse, and not durable or resistant to termites, and is white in the sapwood and light red-brown in the heartwood. It is used to a limited extent in Southeast Asia (it’s more valuable functioning in live trees making fruits!) — Malaysians use it to make boat masts and in hut construction.


Durian Advertising

Durian on the MRT

In high-tech Singapore, durians are even used to advertise computers!

The "MRT" is Singapore's Metropolitan Rapid Transit train system, where durians are banned, as in many enclosed public places in Southeast Asia, due to their all-pervading strong aroma which a few partypoopers don't like. :-(



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