Durian Poetry

by Shunyam Nirav

Durian ArtPoetry is not particularly my specialty (as many people will probably agree after reading the verses that follow!) but as Alfred Russell Wallace reported in his 19th century travels in SE Asia, "The natives give [durian] honorable titles, exalt it, and make verses on it." After eating a few hundred durians, I certainly comprehend that! There have been times after eating a great durian, in that satiated durian-glow space, that silly poems and raps like these indeed have just easily rolled right on out! And if nothing else, these verses express that space pretty well...



Durian ArtDurian fragrance
Heat waves rising in desert
Luscious oasis

Durians: not just
Delicious and nutritious...
Blissfulness itself

Ecstatic flavor
Spiky fruit's luscious pudding
Nature's grandest food



Durian ArtDurians piled in markets, Durians piled in trucks, Durians in small mountains Buy three for two bucks!

Ship 'em to the city Sell 'em in the town Everybody's happy 'Cause the durians are coming down!

Chanthaburi orchards Bring everybody glee For all these kinds of durians Are truly sooooo yum-mee!



Durian ArtOh, I like them spiky fruit They're so creamy and they're so yummy They feel so good down in my tummy Oh, I like them spiky fruit

Oh, I like them spiky fruit They're so luscious and some say smelly They're so satisfying in my belly Oh, I like them spiky fruit

Oh, I like them spiky fruit They're big and brown and so nutritious There's no eatin' more delicious Oh, I like them spiky fruit!



This website is a testament to the Durian King, Shunyam Nirav